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Rafann Company which operates since 2002 deals with designing and manufacturing of aluminium boats. Gained experience and introduction of innovative technologies made us respected supplier of aluminium boats on western markets, among others, in Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012, together with Wrocław University of technology, we carry out the project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development within In-Tech path of INNOTECH II Programme entitled “Design of a flatboat for specialist use”.

The main goal of the project in question is to design and build an innovative “sliding” construction boat with the possibility to reconfigure the equipment in such a manner that it is easy to configure one hull depending on the needs (fire-fighting boat, transport boat, armoured patrol boat).

We do not compromise with the quality.


We design our boats by using modern NURBS technology. Therefore, as early as at the initial stage, the Client has the possibility to see the final effect of a designed and constructed boat.


Elements of a boat’s sheathing and construction are cut by using a numerically-controlled laser cutter with cutting accuracy of 0.2mm. Bending of these elements is performed on a CNC press brake. We weld elements prepared in such a precise manner by using Kemppi welding machines in a Tig, Mig-Mag technology. Materials used for building boats meet all EU requirements and standards.


Our aluminium boats meet individual needs of every client. We are capable of designing and building a boat of any parameters so as to create, both, unique recreational boat, as well as a boat for specialist use (for, among others, uniformed services, transport).

The boat’s electrical installation is based on CAN system equipped with touchpads.

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